As a base for business and sightseeing


Hotel Hokuyo

Hotel Hokuyo is the best choice for your stay in Tokushima and Naruto
To make a reservation, please contact us call-free at 0120-7610-19

51-1, Suberiiwahama, Okuwajima, Muya-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima 772-0011, Japan
Tel: 088-685-8883
Fax: 088-685-9333
E-mail: sjunpei@tv-naruto.ne.jp
URL: http://hotel-hokuyo.jp

Single room (including tax and service charges) with breakfast

5,200 yen / night


Blessed with rich nature and food in the Seto Inland Sea,
Naruto is full of attractiveness

Hotel Hokuyo is located at the center of Naruto

With comfortable spaces,
the best convenience for business and sightseeing,
complimentary breakfast
and special value services,
we will welcome you.


【Guest rooms】

64 single rooms
12 twin rooms
4 double rooms
(Both smoking and non-smoking rooms are available for all room types)
We have 16 Japanese-style rooms suitable for school and company trainings

【Room rates】

5,200 yen / night or above for a single room (including tax and service charges)with breakfast
9,800 yen / night or above for a twin or double room (including tax and service charges)with breakfast

19,800 yen / night (minimum room rate) for a Japanese-style room (16-tatami-mat room) (including tax and service charges)with breakfast*